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The Beginning 

Both Dante’ and Keith started going to the same gym around the same time. When you see the same people in the gym consistently, they become apart of the “gym family”. That is exactly what happened between Dante and Keith. There was the initial recognition of the hard work and dedication that both could appreciate in the other, “Hey, you’re here too much. Go home!” was often jokingly stated. Dante asked Keith if he wanted to workout together. Little did they know that workout would have been one of the best workouts they have had in a long time. The workout had a raw intensity they usually never achieved on their own. After that workout, they decided they would continue to train together.

Fast forward to now, they are good friends and business partners, who still train together. Dante and Keith decided to apply their fitness knowledge (gym, bodybuilding, and athletics experience) to helping others achieve fitness success, The desire to want people to live a healthy and happy life is what created DK Muscle.


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